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Online Accounting

The accountancy industry is going through rapid change, as a result of advances in technology. ‘Cloud accounting’ is the term we are all
hearing. No longer is it recommended we have our accounting
software on our own servers.
All the major accountancy software companies are committed to
replacing the desktop software with cloud accounting systems, and we expect support for desktop systems to cease in the near future.
Cloud accounting systems have a number of advantages over desktop software:
Real-time access to data
You and our team can both have access to your financial data at any time, which makes it easier for us to help you with your queries and keep you on the right track.
Useful financial information
Cloud systems have a user-friendly ‘dashboard’ that tells you the key
information you need (e.g. cash levels) at a glance.
Easy access from any internet enabled device
You can log in to your cloud system wherever you are.
Automatic upgrades
There is no requirement to deal with costly and compulsory software
upgrades as these are free, take place
automatically in the cloud and there is no downtime
Saving time
Cloud accounting software links
automatically with your bank account to upload information via regular bank feeds, significantly reducing data input time and errors.
Security and backing-up
With 2 factor authentication (a security code sent to your mobile device), cloud software now offers higher levels of security than many internal systems without the need to perform manual backup processes.
Our chosen Online Accounting provide is FreeAgent.
We can help train you and your staff to use the cloud accounting system or if you prefer, you can outsource all your bookkeeping and management accounts requirements to us.

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